Saturday, December 31, 2005

Christmas, Part III

We finally finished our nautical-themed Christmas tree at home on the 27th, and hung the star lights in the windows (Shannon's favorite decoration, which may stay up all winter.) Beckymom (Caitlin's term for Shannon's mom) arrived Friday night. Saturday morning, we awoke to a surprise from Santa under the tree - a replica of the Schooner America to occupy the spot previously occupied by a model boat on loan from Andrea and Rick. We opened gifts- lots of stamping supplies for Shannon, a cordless Weedwhacker and other toys for Mark, and a flat-screen computer monitor for Becky- then enjoyed a leisurely brunch.

Mom's cats, Bingo (tortoiseshell) and Domino (black and white) were such well-mannered guests. They never bothered the Christmas tree or star lights in the windows. They were much too busy watching the birds at the window feeder, and the squirrels in the nearby trees.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas, Part II

On the 26th, Mark's extended family joined us for a celebration at his parents' house. We had the secret Santa gift exchange, another Christmas feast, a brainteaser quiz that Mark I won (barely) and piled on the big couch downstairs for a movie. The boys also shot off the world-famous potato cannon outside, but Sandy and I sat that one out.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas, Part I

We spent Christmas eve and Christmas day with Mark's family in Leesburg. Mark's sister Andrea and her husband Rick came down from New Jersey, and we had a peaceful and fun time, with lots of running in the woods and cuddling for Sandy, and lots of good food and downtime for the rest of us.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Super birthday

For my birthday, Mark gave me an XM satellite radio and kits for the car and house. It has made my commute much less painful, especially in the morning. Local morning show DJs love to have listeners to call in with stupid stories on stupid topics, rather than play music. With dozens of stations (hundreds if you like sports or talk radio, which I don't,) I can always find something great, and unlike with my MP3 player, I get exposed to new music and that exhilirating feeling of finding a great song on the radio. -S.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Visit with the Dinoias

We spent the weekend in Pennsylvania with the Dinoias, who left behind even colder weather in Iceland. The occasion was a sad one (Jen's mom Judy's funeral.) But we were so glad to get to see them. It's only been six months since they left, but it felt like forever! Caitlin and Kelsey crafted this snowman-they're experts now.