Monday, November 06, 2006

Downrigging Weekend 2006

Once again this year, we sailed to Chestertown aboard Outre Mer, for the tall ships celebration sponsored by the Schooner Sultana, in Chestertown, Maryland. We sailed all the way there, up what we think is the most gorgeous river on the Bay. We anchored in the river and dinghied ashore for dog business, shopping, (pirate bandannas for the dogs!) and one restaurant meal (part of the fun for us is cooking aboard the boat.) Mark shot hundreds of amazing photos of these historic boats. I couldn't possibly do them justice here, but here's a glimpse:

It was a REALLY cold weekend. Even the dogs complained. We bundled them up on the return trip, and had to huddle together for warmth (okay, maybe we enjoyed that part...)

From left: Jennifer Pope, first mate and executive chef; Buckley Pope, boatswain; Benjamin Pope, Captain; Mark Talbott, official photographer; Shannon Talbott, sous-chef and animal handler; Sandy Talbott, dinghy navigator.