Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thomas and Liza

Family friends Liza and Thomas came for the weekend. They are great kids, and so much fun to have around. They wore Sandy and Dylan out, and Mark and I barely managed to keep up with them. Saturday, after a run up to Thomas Point Light and docking for lunch at Thursday's in Galesville, we pulled T&L in the tube and anchored to swim.
Sunday after church and lunch in downtown Annapolis, we were invited to Ben and Jen's to swim. Jen brought out Thomas and Liza's competitive streak with lots of games, and everyone ganged up on Ben. Then Ben treated us to a boat ride into Annapolis for gelato, and a wet-n-wild ride back. We hope we'll be forgiven for getting the kids home on the far side of bedtime, and that they can come again sometime.

Friday, July 06, 2007


We took a short trip to Hatteras Island, North Carolina for the week of the Fourth of July. We drove down on Saturday and camped at Frisco Woods Campground in the town of Frisco, near the southern tip of the island. We stayed in a log cabin with a bed, air conditioning, and electricity, and the campground had wireless internet, so it was hardly "roughing it," but we had a fun and relaxing stay.

Mark took lots of great shots of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. The hundreds of shipwrecks in "the graveyard of the Atlantic" attest to the danger of treacherous Diamond Shoals, the shallow sandbars which extend some 14 miles out into the ocean off Cape Hatteras. Hatteras is America's tallest brick lighthouse at 209 feet, and its light can be seen ove 20 miles offshore. We climbed to the top, admiring the view and marvelling at the feat of moving the lighthouse. This was done in 1999 due to erosion of over 1000 feet of shoreline since the lighthouse was built in 1870.

We enjoyed kayaking on Pamlico Sound. Its shallow waters are ideal for exploring by kayak. Our first trip was from the campground, and the wind made for a rough paddle out and a fast drift back. Sandy tried out both kayaks. In the end, Shannon's won, because Sandy can't stand not being out front of any operation.
Exploring a narrow inlet.

Our second excursion was in Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge, near the northern end of the island. We spotted rays, pelicans, and lots of other birds.

Taking it easy around camp.

We also sailed on Pamlico Sound. Mark picked the perfect day for sailing, with enough wind to sail fast, but not enough wind to make it miserable. Our sails were even holiday-appropriate!

We spent the Fourth on the beach on the Atlantic side. It was surprisingly uncrowded, and nobody minded that we let Sandy off-leash for some butt-dunking (her first in the Atlantic) and stick-chasing. After a dip in the campground pool, we drove south to the village of Hatteras and watched the fireworks from the beach.

On the drive home, we stoped to see Bodie Island Lighthouse. It is shorter than Cape Hatteras Light, and has horizontal stripes, rather than diagonal.