Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Boating Lexicon

cat·boat NOUN:
A broad-beamed sailboat carrying a single sail on a mast stepped well forward and often fitted with a centerboard.

dog·boat NOUN: A boat bearing a bone flag, one or more broadly-beaming furry crew, and often fitted with a water bowl.

Dylan's Letter from Camp

Ed. note: Dylan is Sandy's buddy. His family, the Powers, often show Sandy a good time when we travel. We were able to return the favor this week.

Hi Mom, Dad, and Daniel!
I am having fun here at Camp Edgewater. This weekend there were 6 extra people and another extra dog at the house. Everyone thought I was so cute, although I think the big dog Dakota thought I was a squeaky toy. They left on Sunday to return to New Jersey. Andrea (Mark's sister) wanted to keep me, but Shannon said no.

On Monday, I went on a boat trip. Turns out, I'm a natural! Here I am posing with the American Flag in honor of the holiday. I went from the Rhode River, into the West River, into the Bay to Thomas Point Light, up the South River to pick up Shannon and Mark's friend Dan, and even did the show-off parade down Ego Alley near the Annapolis City Dock on the Severn River.
Then we went up Back Creek to Ben and Jen's house, where a party was going on. There were lots of fun boating people and two more dogs there-Buckley, who lives there, and his buddy Chester. Chester and I boxed a lot, while Buckley stole food off people's plates and Sandy got attention from everyone.

I hope you had fun, too.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Memphis Trip

Since it had been two years since we were last in Memphis, Mark and I flew there for visits with family, friends, and barbeque. We were blessed to get to see so many people, and had gorgeous weather the entire trip-not the usual heat and humidity. We even spotted Elvis at the Memphis Zoo-check out the picture!
The Memphis Zoo has improved so much since I was last there. The habitats are larger and more natural, and offer more stimulation for the animals. Mark got lots of great pictures, including one of the wild thing we took home from the Zoo.

On Friday, we went to the Gibson guitar factory tour, near Beale Street. This factory makes several models of electric guitars. The process was interesting, and the quality control impressive. If the fretboard is 1/64 of an inch off, or a small flaw in the finish is discovered, the guitar is destroyed. Even if the guitar looks perfect, if the experienced players who do the final finishing don't feel it plays like a Gibson, it is destroyed.

After the Gibson tour, we went to Beale Street in search of barbeque and music. B.B. King's Blues Club did not disappoint. We shared pulled pork and ribs so tender that I couldn't get a picture with meat on the bone. A great band played soul, southern rock, and country. Next, we ambled over to the Peabody Hotel, where we visited the ducks in the lobby fountain and saw their palace (and some great views) on the roof. We walked along the river bluffs and saw the riverboats before heading home.