Thursday, February 21, 2008

Having a Blast

The next step in the Salty Dog beauty regimen called for a dermabrasion of accumulated bottom paint in preparation for the application of a new barrier coat and antifouling paint. Due to my great aversion to sanding boat bottoms, and that we wanted to get as clean of a surface as possible, we had the boat stripped by Gale Force Soda Blasting. Soda Blasting is a relatively new technique of using pressurized air to "blast" baking soda at a boat's bottom to remove the paint. It works very well and the soda is completely biodegradable. Now that the bottom is clean we will apply the barrier coat of epoxy to prevent water from entering the layers of fiberglass and causing blisters. And finally the anti fouling paint to prevent growth as the Salty Dog languishes in the warm waters this season. ~M

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sandy-rella goes to the ball

Last night, we represented the hospital at the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria's "Black Tie and Tails" Gala. The theme of this year's fundraiser was "Hollywoof," a tribute to Tinseltown glamour and dogs in film.

There were buffets and bars for both people and pooches (Sandy declined our offer of a Dobermanhattan but had a few treats.) Madame Canina gave paw readings. A screening room showed "Lassie Come Home." A band played lots of movie tunes, before and after the main event: a doggie fashion show. Three designers (local dog boutique owners) presented collections inspired by a movie or movie star. There was an homage to Marilyn Monroe, a collection inspired by "Grease," and a salute to Audrey Hepburn. Human escorts walked their canine models down the catwalk. There were lots of gorgeous dresses, most for female "handheld" models, but my favorite was a male dog dressed as one of the T-birds from Grease.

Sandy didn't wear a gown; apparently her fairy godmother had another engagement. She did, however, sport an oversize faux pearl choker. After all, nothing says "old Hollywood glamour"like pearls and fur. We did hear a funny "Cinderella" story from backstage, though. One of the shelter employees who modeled for the live auction was giving her feet a rest from her impossibly high heels, and a shelter dog "prince" ran off with her "slipper."

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Have You Seen Me?

LOST: "Mr. Squirrelly," brown and saliva-caked, about 5 inches long. Last seen in the Talbott living room on 1/29/08. Our "daughter" is devastated.

UPDATE! Mr. Squirrelly was found, confused but unharmed, in a government-packed shipment of baby goods to Iceland.