Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Digs

From time to time I would browse local real estate listings, mostly just to amuse myself, as anything worth moving for was well above our affordable price range. About a month ago I was busy being obsessed with a quaint 1940s waterfront cottage with a deep water dock and an amazing view of the creek where our boat is kept. It was still well beyond our means, but the view was very tranquil, and after sailing out of there for several months we had fallen in love with that creek as a base for our nautical adventures. Nearby another listing popped onto the map, a moderately sized relatively new house with a nice yard on a quiet street. And not just any street, it was the street that led to our marina. In fact this house was right across the street from the entrance to our boat's beloved home - we could easily walk to the boat! And the price actually seemed reasonable, at least compared to what similar places in the area had been going for in the past 5 years.

We called our friends Andrew and Nancy and invited them for out a sail that weekend with the ulterior motive of using her real estate connections to get us in to see the house. It had plenty of room with 4 bedrooms, a bathroom on every level, a big kitchen with room for a full sized dining table (while not blocking the front door as in our current house), a two car garage, and a finished basement "pub" and game room. Oh, and did I mention a POOL? A good sized in-ground swimmin' hole with beautifully landscaped surroundings (the owners also ran a landscape company). And the best part, while standing on (either level of) the large back deck, all you could hear was nature. Not just cars whizzing by a few feet away, but actual wildlife; birds, breeze in the trees, etc.

The asking price might have been low (or at least closer to reason) but it still was going to more than double our monthly payments. Plus the house itself had been "run hard and put away wet" and would need some work, so we rounded down to a more comfortable figure and had Nancy submit our bid, figuring there was a greater chance of being heartily laughed at, than of actually having our offer be accepted. Well, they must have been in a good mood (in addition to needing to sell quickly) as they did accept our offer, with one caveat; we had to settle in less than two weeks. Surprisingly the banks actually agreed to give us more money, in addition to our current debts, and Ben, our friend and mortgage expert, pulled off a really quick turnaround on all the paperwork and legwork involved and the sale concluded in record time.

So now, (for a very limited time - we hope!) we actually own two houses and over HALF an ACRE of Anne Arundel County collectively.

And now, let the moving begin!

Photo Gallery - Our New House