Thursday, November 17, 2011


We're not quite ready to let go of fall. Fortunately, we've been enjoying the balance of outdoor adventures and cozy time inside. We spent a weekend with all the grands and great-grands. 
Helping Honey with laundry

Laundry Dance

Checking out one of PopPop's radios.

Reading with Happy

Granny sleeping? OK, I'll just take her walker out for a spin.
PopPop's tractor is fun, too.
And we're enjoying some new games at home:
Hide-and-seek. He's amazingly patient waiting to be found, so we employ this often
to get small tasks accomplished upstairs.

Hangers. He likes to ask for one of each color from Daddy's closet.
This is "dark green" and "REALLY green."

"Legos." (Duplos.) He has amazing focus-he built all of this
(except the base Daddy added for stability) at one time.

But mostly, by Nate's choice, we read books. Books, books, and more books. He quotes phrases, sentences, sometimes several pages, from his favorites. Right now, the (roughly estimated) top ten:

Even patient, book-loving parents could get tired around the 20th book of the day. But it's tough to say "no" to this:

In between books and games, Mama sneaks time for holiday elving and plans for two parties. You gotta have something to get you through "cold wintertime, when belly buttons hide."

Friday, November 11, 2011

{this moment}

{this moment} A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. An ordinary, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor, and remember. Thanks to Soule Mama for the idea.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Monkeying Around

We started our Halloween celebration on Sunday at the Schooner Sultana Downrigging Days in Chestertown, MD. Several tall ships join the Sulatana at the end of the sailing season. One of our favorite events each year, it's always a gold mine for sailing and photography geeks. When we can't make it by boat, we take the land yacht.

This year, we took advantage of the Open House and trick-or-treating aboard the Kalmar Nyckel from Delaware. As we waited in line on the dock, a little girl (a big sister with 8 months' experience) solemnly asked me, "can I PLEASE hold your baby?" She was very motherly and concerned, and Nate didn't seem to mind her attentions at all.

We arrived late in the afternoon (Nate's naptime trumps all) so we missed the model boat-building for kids, but Nate had fun splashing his hands in the empty pool set up for the purpose. Nate wore the monkey costume I made 12 years ago for the eldest of my friend's kids (and since worn by her other two), Mark went as the Man in the Yellow Hat (from Curious George) and I went as a zookeeper.

Lots of kids and parents recognized Curious George, and so did these fearsome pirates:
Nate enjoyed walking running around the quaint little town, meeting several dogs and one pre-teen werewolf, to whom we had to discourage him from "give pat-pats."

Monday, Mama had to work, but Daddy took Nate trick-or-treating at a few houses on our street. Days later, Nate is still giving the play-by-play. He was mostly excited by the decorations, neighbors' dogs (and one parrot) and other kids, but one seasoned pro (a mom of three) skipped the bowl of chocolate and found Nate a lollipop.

New and notable this week:
-Nate told Mark, "that makes sense."

-If he's been being loud, chanting "nononono" or squealing "AAAAAAAAAH," he will beat us to the punch in asking, "What's all the no-no's about?" or "What's all the AAAAAAAAHs about?"

-More lines from books. I wasn't sure why he kept talking about "Summer Nights" (Reminiscing? Watching Grease?) until Mark told me that "The Belly Button Book" has made a comeback.

-I earned a "fun Mama."

-He's making connections. He took two Laffy Taffys from his trick-or-treat bag, placed them just so, and proclaimed, "Make 'T' yellow and brown one." And when I handed him a round slice of cheese, he said "sounds like (looks like) balloon!"

Other than a few cold days, the weather has remained nice, allowing for "go see propellers." Nate now powers up the steep driveway of the marina.

We took a gorgeous evening sail on Tuesday.

It was bittersweet, as it was likely our last sail on Salty Dog. She's going to a new home soon. Hopefully, the new owners will love her as much as we have, and get her out more often than we've been able to the last two seasons.

Sailing on our own boat will be a 5-year plan, something to dream of during the winter months.