Wednesday, February 22, 2012

SuperNick turns 4!

To celebrate Nick's fourth birthday, we had a small superhero-themed party at our house this weekend. The theme suited Nick perfectly. Always on the go and wanting to help, and with a fascination for law enforcement (where could he get THAT from?!?) he is VERY into "heroes" right now.

Mark and party planning assistant extraordinaire Caitlin (Nick's biggest sis) helped me with the details:

1. Backlit cityscape and Nick-signal (on ceiling.) Love my amazing husband!
2. Cake with fondant decorations from Sugar Flowers.
3. Beverage tubs labelled "Glug" and "Fizz." 
4. Popcorn served with a choice of seasonings. Holder (intended for CDs, I think) was a thrift store find, boxes are from Oriental Trading.
5. Tower of goodies had Pop Rocks and Ring Pops, "kryptonite" (green rock candy sticks), and punch balls (Biff! Pow! Socko!)
6. Water bottles (big kids' from Dollar Tree, little kids' Klean Kanteen from Amazon) with vinyl labels from Cherlynyl Studio.
7. Superheo fondant toppers for cookies, also from Sugar Flowers.
8. Primary-colored table linens from my stash.
9. Pick your Superpower snack tray inspired by the free printables from Swanky Press.

Caitlin had the idea to print out Superhero coloring pages:

and made these amazing drawings:

A fun day for a fun Little Guy, and a few of his biggest fans.

Nate's Hippo Birthday - a belated post

Nate celebrated the big 2.0 with a Hungry, Hungry Hippos-themed party.  

1. Balloons (red ones from Polka Dot Market) tied with pompom yarn.
2. Fabric from Ikea in embroidery hoops made great cheap wall decor.
3. The amazing cake by SuperJen, some color-coordinating candy (that may or may not have been H'ween leftovers) in my thrift store compote. Frame from Ikea.
4. Bonus fondant hippo bathing in Sixlets, also courtesy of SuperJen. His bib is my favorite part.
5. A close-up of the cake.
6. Hippo cookies courtesy of Auntie Andrea, from this perfect sugar cookie recipe.
7. Labels for drinks: water-resistant vinyl for inkjet printers from this awesome site.
8. Color-coordinated adult beverages.
9. Favors: mini colanders (HomeGoods/Marshalls) with white cheddar snowballs (polka dot bags here,) hippo finger puppets from Imogene's Tea Garden, and reusable fabric sandwich/snack bags in the hippo fabrics from The Silver Bobbin.

Family and a few friends brought donations for the food bank, dined on a pasta bar and sweets, played with the ball pit and hat collection, and made it a party to remember for our little man.

Nate's hippo on bicycle shirt from DarkCycle.

Winter Getaway

Continuing education in Cancun. A hardship, but Mark and I weathered it together. Away together for the first time without our little man. We missed him sorely by day two. But we persevered.

Meanwhile, back at the grandparents', Nate didn't miss us at all. He was too busy with snow:

and other favorite pastimes:

The "Bug-zooka" (upper right) is an amazing invention. Once cocked, it has a powerful suction that scoops bugs into the chamber with a satisfying "pop." Very useful for controlling stinkbugs, and for keeping toddler boys busy.

We don't know what Honey and PopPop fed him, but he grew at least an inch in 5 days.

And we are reminded that there's no place like home.

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