Sunday, March 25, 2012

In Like A Lamb...

We have so enjoyed the early tastes of spring. Our days have gone from indoor adventures:

to primarily outdoor ones:

Nate's perfect day lately would involve making rounds with the mower whenever he wasn't eating three meals a day at the picnic table. He tries being subtle.

Nate, entering the kitchen at 7 am, shoes on: "You got your Crocs on by yourself! We could go for a walk; how about that?"
Mama: "We are going to eat breakfast first."
Nate sits down, eats a healthy breakfast, then notices Daddy's bowl of sugar cereal.
Mark looks down to find a little hand in his bowl.
Nate, sweetly: "Thank you for sharing."

Don't try telling him the picnic table is not a good idea because it's wet. This will be his answer to that: 

Even after such a mild winter, it's so nice to be sprung!

Kelsey's "Pawty"

One of our favorite girls turned 10 this week, and we were honored to be a part of her birthday "Pawty" at the Alexandria Animal Welfare League. The shelter's youth volunteer coordinator gave a tour, demonstrated training techniques, and led other animal-themed activities.

Nate especially enjoyed this sweet (adoptable) rabbit:

and Shannon enjoyed helping with treats, favors, and decorations:

Included in the goodie baskets for the guests were lint rollers (Target dollar aisle,) beaded bracelets with a heart and pawprint charm, and a bone cookie cutter and dog biscuit recipe.

Happy birthday, Kelsey D.!

Family Reunion

This weekend, we were able to see Mark's aunt and uncle, who last saw Nate the day he was born, and catch up with a few of his first and second cousins.

Uncle Poppy started a rousing game of "Find the Tractor."

Aunt Mimi ( with three sons and numerous grandsons) is a pro at playing cars and trucks.

Cousins Annalese, Lucy, and Dylan took Nate to explore the dock where their parents all played as kids.

The older kids also climbed the tree felled by Hurricane Irene, and tried out Dylan's new BB gun.

Cousin Luke taught Nate not to follow instructions, at least when underarms are at stake.

Grandma Honey brought the basket of cars and trucks from her house. Nate spied this within nanoseconds of entering Aunt Karin's house, and put hundreds of miles on two of the trucks, mostly on the low windowsill in the dining room.

Honey also brought cupcakes. Remind me to get her back thank her later.

We missed seeing several of the cousins due to geography or illness, but felt so blessed to have this little reunion.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Monday, March 19, 2012

On the Mountain

We enjoyed a wonderful weekend at Honey and PopPop's house. Mama and Daddy got date night, courtesy of the grandparents. We took country back roads past gorgeous farms, ending up at a wonderful restaurant for dinner. Meanwhile, Nate had fun with two of his biggest fans.

After church on Sunday, Honey arranged for us to visit her friend Kathy's farm.

Nate enjoyed the animals, and REALLY enjoyed sitting on the large Kubota tractor.

Not to be outdone, PopPop brought out his tractor that evening, and this time Nate got to drive. His shy "I'm doing it myself" smirk will remain one of Mama's favorite memories.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

{this moment} Lawnmower Races

Walking with his mower, Nate ran into his neighbor, Chase. Chase ran for his mower, and they walked together.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kinder Farm Park

Nate has discovered the joy of the playground. It's one of the few things our neighborhood does not have to offer, so we headed to Kinder Farm Park. This county park offers numerous play structures, and a small farm, with animals maintained by the local 4-H club.

Mama couldn't believe the leaps forward in Nate's physical confidence. He is still no daredevil (thanks, God!) but will climb and try new things with a little encouragement.

He also enjoyed the chickens, cows, goats, sheep, and pig at the farm. And he had fun playing hide-and-seek with his shadow. "Can't run away from it!"

It was so much fun that we went back the next week with Jenny-Jen and Alex. That day, the main part of the park was closed, but we enjoyed a smaller playground and trekked to the edge of the farm for a picnic lunch.