Friday, September 28, 2012

{this moment} Grandma Happy

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. Idea courtesy of SouleMama

Monday, September 24, 2012

Beach Picnic

We had a wonderful impromptu Sunday night picnic at the beach last night. Some takeout from the seafood market, a bucket and some shovels, and a blanket, and we were off.

The breeze reminded Nate of one of his favorite silly games: playing peek-a-boo with Mama behind her hair:

Love this place. Love this season. Love this little family.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The best day of my life (so far) by Nate

Thursday was epic.

I had my first (half) day of preschool, which I had been very exited about since a) my backpack arrived in the mail and b) I saw the toys and kids there last week.

got to ride my bike, and when I got there one of my teachers brought out Legos. I waved at the window so Mom and Dad wouldn't feel abandoned, but after that I got right to play. They had cool riding toys at outside play, and snack AND lunch in a 3-hour period. Can do! I even ate a second lunch when I got home.

Mom and Dad said we were going to the fair to see tractors after my nap. Big mistake; was that ever a short nap! The county fair had a whole display of antique tractors:

But that wasn't all. I rode a pony for the second time. I opted for a little pony after sitting on a real horse was a little intimidating. But I told Mom afterward that next time I want to try the bigger one.

I saw cattle, sheep, birds, rabbits, goats and pigs. I even saw pig races, and ate a corndog for the first time. In related news, the distressed Mickey shirt hides ketchup stains very well.

And there were rides! I had been on a merry-go-round before, but wasn't too sure about it then. Now, I think it's great. Not as great as CARS THAT I DRIVE BY MYSELF, but pretty cool. Mama couldn't believe I went on the teacup ride by myself (she was deemed *too tall,* probably a first for her.) And WOW (my new word) was the ferris wheel exciting! We went up to the "top top top," and down to the "bottom bottom bottom."

A little bit of powdered sugar later, I decided I wanted to go back home to see Papaw and Joyce, who kept him company while we were gone. Due to the late hour, despite my complete stickiness, I escaped a bath. Now THAT is a good day, my friends.

Virginia Voyage

We headed to Virginia last weekend for my 10th vet school reunion. We stopped in Shenandoah to pick apples.

It was hot and buggy, so we made quick work of it, but it was a good break in the car torture travel for Nate.

On the way down, a car with an "I love bluegrass" bumper sticker reminded me that Friday in Floyd, Virginia is the Jamboree. We decided to go there before heading to our hotel. Bluegrass and gospel acts take the stage at the Floyd Country Store, while other acts and groups of jamming musicians play outside. We enjoyed the music, the old-fashioned Country Store, the beautiful weather, and the people watching.

Saturday morning we met this little cutie, and her mom (one of my vet school roommates) and dad for breakfast. Miss M. is a Hokie girl, born and raised (well, for 3 months now) and I had been counting the days until I could meet her. Nate seemed pretty smitten, too.

After hitting up the bookstore for essentials, namely "pumppumps" (pompoms) and temporary tattoos, we headed to the vet school for the Vet School Homecoming tailgate. Nate met the Hokie bird!

Although we had missed the official tour of the new instructional building, some junior vet students offered to show us around. The freshman anatomy labs have been refurbished to better display specimens and accommodate the larger classes the college now admits. (They still haven't put in beds for the freshmen, who practically live there, but it was pretty nice.) The new junior surgery suites are a huge improvement, as well.

It was so much fun seeing the classmates who were able to make it.

None of us seems to have changed much in ten years, nor has Blacksburg. But the long, tall drink o'water next to me in the bottom photo has. I used to babysit him as a toddler!

We headed over to the stadium for the game. We had great seats, and Nate's color commentary was funny. "There's PEOPLE way up there! The guys are wearing HELMETS! I see the HOKIE BIRD!" But great defense makes for boring football to neophytes, and kickoff coincided with his usual naptime, so sleep (in Mama's lap) won out for a while.

Sunday morning was breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Tractor shirts, pancakes, and a broom that roams the floor by itself (Halloween novelty)? Yeah, Nate liked it. As we were taking a picture before leaving, he replied to the photographer's "Say Cheese!" with "Who cut the cheese?," which resulted in a great picture.

After saying goodbye to our friends, we headed to my old apartment complex, to walk/bike the paths between the various Virginia Tech livestock pastures. It made me miss my Sandy dog, and want to live in the country again, but otherwise it was perfect.

The classmates who couldn't make it were sorely missed, but it was such a fun weekend!